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The Comic adventures of


There are four books binding in one !! All old probl. First edition (1) The Comic adventures of old morther hubbard and her dog in wich are shown the wonderfull ect ect ect (2) The comic adventures of old dame trot and her cat (1836) (3) The surprising adventures of puss in Boots or the mastercat ( 1837) (4) The monkey’s frolic a humorous tale … all printed by John Harris , St . Pauls Church yard Bron: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Harris_(publisher)

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Auteur – onbekend
Uitgever – John Harris, St.Paul Church Yard
Jaartal – nd1
Bijzonderheid – John Harris’ publications marked a shift from moralising works for children to catering for their imaginative entertainment, in which his Mother Hubbard series of books played a decisive part. Nevertheless, other publishers developed strategies whereby amusement and instruction might be combined. One American publisher included a complete set of serif type opposite the title page, featuring capitals, small letters, italics, ligatures and numbers, as an aid to further reading.[21] An English printer served the same purpose by running capital and small letters and numerals along the top and bottom margins of his picture book. Later on, alphabet plates were introduced into the nursery with a scene from the rhyme to one side[23] or at the centre . Indeed, illustrations of Mother Hubbard and her dog were adapted to many other ends, from adorning money boxes so as to encourage thrift to a variation of the snap card game to develop memory.
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